Greetings from Peru

Welcome to my website everyone! While I will write more once the field season begins, I first wanted to thank my friend Vivek Bhatia who has spent countless hours with me late at night (late for me at least) to help build this website. I am excited about the prospects of an amazing archaeological dig and I look forward to sharing with all of you not only the breathtaking finds, but also the hurdles that will inevitable arise through the field season.

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3 thoughts on “Greetings from Peru

  1. Tom Clark

    Kudos and saludos to you, Matt, and to your team. Best wishes for a successful dig. I often joke at work about picking my shovel back up, but I don’t have the pleasures of actually getting my hands into the dirt. Que rico!

    • Thanks for the well-wishes Tom! Well, if living vicariously through my adventures ever stops satisfying your thirst please feel to contact me for a site visit to make more of your own tales.

  2. Anatole Upart

    Matt, glad you have finally made it there. Dig safely! Looking forward to awesome pics and tales of wonder!

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