Following the successful 2012 HARP field season, team members got right to work processing artifacts, cataloging finds, and conducting preliminary analyses. Please see below for a sampling of the various reports, conference presentations, and publications produced from the fieldwork. You can stay up-to-date at Matthew Piscitelli’s Academia page.

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Matthew Piscitelli’s dissertation is now available via ProQuest. You can order the dissertation in a variety of formats including PDF, softcover, hardcover, and even microfilm! Proceeds from the sale go to future archaeological research in Peru.

Guara No. 17_published (Spanish)

Preliminary results from HARP fieldwork published in Guara, a magazine produced by the Archaeology Museum of the University of José Faustino Sánchez Carrión in Huacho. Authored by Matthew Piscitelli and Carmela Alarcón Ledesma.

SAA Poster_2013_Alarcon & Piscitelli

Poster presented at the 78th Annual Meeting for the Society for American Archaeology in Honolulu, Hawaii. Details preliminary results of macro-botanical analysis. Authored by Carmela Alarcón Ledesma and Matthew Piscitelli.

The Current Vol. 1 Issue 2_Fall/Winter 2013

Short feature on HARP in The Current, a newsletter of the Coastal and Island Archaeology Interest Group. Authored by Matthew Piscitelli.


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