PANC: The Proyecto Arqueológico Norte Chico (PANC) is an archaeological project directed by Dr. Jonathan Haas (The Field Museum) and Dr. Winifred Creamer (Northern Illinois University). PANC has conducted research in the Norte Chico for over a decade.

IFEA: The French Institute for Andean Studies (IFEA) is dedicated to the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge about the Andean world, including its past and present societies, as well as its environment.

Institute of Andean Studies: The Institute of Andean Studies is an organization based in Berkeley, CA that holds an annual meeting in early January and publishes a journal, Ñawpa Pacha, dedicated to the study of the Andean past.

PAP: The Pachacamac Archaeological Project (PAP) is a National Science Foundation and National Geographic Society-funded research program dedicated to investigating the ancient ceremonial site of Pachacamac located outside of Lima.

National Geographic: All scientists dream of making it to this iconic periodical. The research presented on this website is also sponsored by the National Geographic Society.

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